Not only is ALGAEBAN® the safest & most effective algae remover for your fish tank, It also comes with a money back guarantee, If you are not 100% satisfied with our product you will receive a no fuss money back guarantee. Excludes shipping, see terms and conditions upon checkout.


ALGAEBAN® is scientifically tested to be effective on all known types of aquarium algae and is safe to use in contact with all aquarium fish, plants & inhabitants as well as bogwood, substrate, rocks and plastic ornamental or decorative items.(Follow dosage prescription, always read the lable)



Use for the effective removal & control of the following types of algae...


  • Brown algae

  • Green hair algae

  • Black/Red bush algae

  • Blue green algae



  • Green spot algae

  • Stag horn algae 

  • Green water algae.