Whats that green stuff??

I suppose it was my love of nature that got me started in aquatics or maybe my passion for sustainable living that led me to keep fish, I had grand plans of turning my flat into an indoor aquaponics experiment, a self sustaining Eden of home grown fruit, veg & fishy aquarium bliss, but perhaps thats another story.

I remember the day it happened, There I was mindlessly hypnotised by the calm serene aquatic world that I had lovingly created for my fish, we were as one, calm, happy & content then suddenly I was snapped back to reality at the curious sight of something growing on my bogwood that I had not seen there before, I suppose I cant blame my wife's insensitive eye roll at the airing of my distress of the matter, after all she had been competing for my attention since the arrival of the tank and no doubt to her mind there were more pressing matters in life that warrant the level of concern that I was currently glued to my face.

She didnt understand, how could she, she was not the one who had been attentively measuring and recording ph levels as they magically rose and fell under the careful cultivation of de-nitrifying bacteria, this alongside all manner of other water related chemistry akin to some form of alchemy not to mention the hours of research spent trying to find the most suitable lighting conditions for optimum aquarium plant growth not to mention all manner of complex compatibility checks to find the balance between the fish you like and the plants you want and the local water characteristics etc etc..... She had no idea the effort that it had taken to get me and my aquarium to that place of perfect aquatic harmony, anyways it didnt take me long to realise i mean rather to google search and realise that I was indeed staring at algae in my aquarium.

Little did I know then what nightmares lay ahead in the coming weeks and months, the water changing and the scrubbing and cleaning and playing with lighting timers and feeding regimes the list of terrors goes on, aah the life of a noob!

If i only knew then what I know now... In the years that followed I pursued my passion in aquatics and applied the combined knowledge and experience of various associates and colleagues among them biochemical engineers, leading to the formulation of Aquaprima, proudly supplying premium aquatic care products.

If you are reading this then its very possible you find yourself exactly where I was all those years ago, hopefully with a more sympathetic partner but none the less fortunately for you I aim in the fullness of my posts to make clear to you all you need to know to ensure that you spend more time enjoying your new fish tank as well as avoid the painful pitfalls that I had to endure.

Not only that but we have also been relentless in our quest to provide arguably the safest and most effective aquarium algae treatment available, making the management of your aquarium all the more pleasurable.

Kiwi popsicle

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