Product Description & FAQ

At Aqua Prima we love three things, Nature, Science and most of all we love Aquariums.
ALGAEBAN® is the perfect algae treatment because it is as scientifically clever as it is natural and safe to use in your aquarium. Everything you should want to know about our aquarium specific hydrogen peroxide algae remover can be found below.


Is it safe for fish?

Our Hydrogen peroxide formula has been scientifically tested to ascertain suitibility for treatment of algae in regards to freshwater aquatic organisms, specifically concerning exposure in fish, crustaceans & invertebrates. Results are conclusive and show that measured exposure indicates no adverse effects. If you follow the prescribed dosage then ALGAEBAN fish tank algae cleaner will be safe to use for fish, frogs, crusteceans and snails. The maximum safe dosage is 1 milliletre per 10 Litres of aquarium water.​ Overdosing will cause harm or death, Always read the label


How often can I use ALGAEBAN®
The recommended frequency for dosing is one dose per week. Should you require a second dose, this should be carried out 48 hours from initial dose with no more than 2 treatments per 7 day week.




What about my biological filtration system

It is recommended that biological filtration is isolated immediately prior to treatment and then for a period of 1-2 hours post treatment. ALGAEBAN has a higher viscocity than that of water and this unique property allows for effective localised treatment of algae with minimised diffusion into the water column meaning minimised exposure to your microbes. After 1-2 hours the treatment will have reached safe reaction levels.​

What Types Of Algae Can I Treat

There are many types of algae found in the aquarium tank and ALGAEBAN can effectively be used to kill all known aquarium algae.

Typical treatment for: Brown, Green Water, Green Spot, Blue Green, Protein Film, Cladophora, Thread, Stag Horn, Beard, Fuzz, Black Brush, Green Chist.​

Is It Suitable For Salt Water Aquariums
ALGAEBAN is extensively tested in freshwater aquariums however we cannot recommend dosage and treatment guidelines due to a current lack of testing and analysis in salt water aquariums.​


What's In The Bottle
Pharmaceutical grade H2O2 - Hydrogen Peroxide, guaranteed no additives.
But not just any H2O2, ALGAEBAN is produced and bottled in the UK using the purest elements avalible under strict Uk & EU regulations, you can find more information on these guidelines and regulations here.
How Does It Work
This is where the magic happens, nature doing what it does best.
Hydrogen peroxide is a naturally occurring compound although it is produced in laboratories for industry.
The chemical bond in the H2O2 molecule is called the peroxide bond, this bond is unstable, and if you payed attention in science class you will rememeber that Oxygen(O) does not like to live alone. It desperately wants to pair up with other molecules in order to stabalise, and readily pairs up with Carbon to form C02 (carbon dioxide) or Hydrogen to form good old H20 (water).
When ALGAEBAN comes into contact with algae it strips the Oxygen and Carbon molecules from out of the membrane of the algae thereby destroying it.
Algae is a single celled (unicellular) organism, biology 101 states that every cell has a membrane, and the effects of ALGAEBAN destroy the cell membranes, effectively killing the algae.
What excites us about ALGAEBAN is that it's a naturally occuring compound and once it has reacted with the algae the only bi-products are Oxygen(O), Water(H20) and Carbon dioxide(CO2) all elements found in abundance in nature and indeed in your aquarium.
We guarantee that ALGAEBAN® works and that your aquarium critters are going to love you for using it.