We have harnessed the power of naturally occurring compounds to produce a powerful yet safe non-toxic hydrogen peroxide aquarium algae remover for fish tanks, providing immediate dramatic results. Administer as prescribed for the successful removal of ALL aquarium algae and the best part, it's safe for aquarium inhabitants.

ALGAEBAN® the most effective aquarium safe algae remover ... 'That fish love'

There are a number of different types of algae that can occur naturally in fish tanks and almost without warning, most of which are the scorn of hobbyists the world over, whether your tank is green or you are struggling with hair algae, brown algae or perhaps even the more stubborn beard or black algae, our aquarium algae treatment is effective on all algae types and completely aquarium safe.

ALGAEBAN hydrogen peroxide aquarium algae cleaner helps remove 

aquarium algae safely 

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Many algaecides expose 

aquarium inhabitans and plants to unwanted chemicals and additives, see why ALGAEBAN

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Aquarium algae prevention requires careful monitoring of aquatic conditions, see our tips and advice page on how to naturally control algae in fish tanks. Click the image for more details.